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Hey, world, I am what I am!

Without music, life would be a mistake.

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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm an American ex-pat who currently lives in Walthamstow, East London, with my husband and our array of 4-legged/finned friends (a cat, a gecko and many many fish).

I have multiple degrees I don't use in Roman Archaeology. I am also an opera singer.

Currently I'm writing a novel (very slowly), training for a variety of 10k and half-marathon races, going to and from auditions and working as a civil servant in Westminster to pay the bills while I wait for my singing to bring in enough money to feed me.

My husband, Merv, and me.

Interests (146):

24, \m/, academia, acoustic guitars, american idol, ancient rome, angela gheorghiu, antiquities, archaeology, astrology, aveda, being a cancer, being fabulous, ben folds, biggest loser, black labs, britain, buddhism, cats, chanel, coach, coffee, concerts, conversation, cooking, cooking badly, covent garden, cuddles, dancing, dancing in the rain, dead like me, deutschland, diamonds, doctor who, dragon's den, drinking, drinking alcohol, driving backwards, driving fast, elliott smith, england, etruscans, europe, experimental kitchen disasters, fall out boy, feeding the bears, fish keeping, fringe, ghost whisperer, hadrian, hadrians wall, harrods, hed kandi, historical fiction, history, house, italian, italian wine, italy, jack daniels, jack kerouac, japanese, jazz, jimmy choo, josh groban, july, katherine jenkins, kickboxing, kitchen nightmares, krazyhouse, laughing, leos, lie to me, lighting things on fire, listening to the rain, liverpool, lizard keeping, london, macs, mexican food, monet, mozart, muse, museums, music, musical theatre, new york, nirvana, ny yankees, office space, opera, orwell, paris, parties, philadelphia, philosophy, photography, piano, placido domingo, playa hating, playing civ, playing guitar, portland, quoting bad song lyrics, reading, red dwarf, road trips, rock, rock clubs, rocking, rolando villazon, roman archaeology, romans, rome, rowing, running, seattle, siberian huskies, singing, soccer, star wars, starbucks, sunriver, supernatural, sushi, swimming, symphony, tex mex, thai food, the big bang theory, the gym, the tudors, theatre, torchwood, trainspotting, trance, travel, travelling, true blood, trying to lose 1stone, ugly betty, united kingdom, walthamstow, wine, writing, x-factor
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